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NO-SEW TuTu Tutorial


UPDATE: (10-21-2014) I need to update where I buy my supplies because my tulle supplier shut down a while back as many of you have noticed. For Tulle I found the Tulle Shop to be the cheapest. However Shipping will get you. It looks like The shipping is flat rate $12 where you buy one roll or 10 rolls of tulle so keep on eye on shipping cost! Tulle Shop. For crochet tops Halo Heaven has them pretty cheap and almost always have promotional discounts. You can sign up for there email list, I always get emails about free shipping, for % off total order. For those really cool lined tutu tops, they are the cheapest I have found, however they go fast! They are 3.00 for the smaller lined tops and 4.75 for the larger tops.  For their non-lined 8 in tops they range rom 20 cents to 1.05 depending on color. Halo Heaven shipping is flat rate $10 OR spend $30 and shipping is FREE! When all else fails and I can’t find what I need I resort to etsy. But ONLY as a last resort because craft supplies are almost ALWAYS over charged there.  I hope this update helps! Also Thanks for all the comments about location. 

UPDATE: I wanted to take minute and share with you where I buy my tutu materials. Living over seas I dont have very many options, so I buy everything online. These are the 2 websites I use most often for tutu supplies. If you can Find one cheaper please share! Thanks  Crochet Waistbands/Tops and Tulle. (shut down)


Now all you need is a Model….or TWO! 🙂Image


If you have any comments or suggestions please leave them. Let me know what you think I could have done differently. This is my first tutorial. If I can do it, anyone can do it! You see how easy it is to make a no sew tutu so get out there and give it a try. Stop buying those over priced tutu’s and make one yourself!


I have had a few ask how I made the top above. I DID not make that top. I bought it as is from the link mentioned above. The top below is the closest thing I got to “making” the top. Below I combined a light pink 1 1/2 inch headband with a 4 in top. Held them together with a piece of ribbon (all I did was weave to ribbon in and out all the way around) Once I go to the back a made a small knot holding the ribbon in place.


Lopez Creations


24 thoughts on “NO-SEW TuTu Tutorial

  1. What did you use for the top part of the tutu?

  2. Love this! I’m making one for my daughter’s first birthday in August. 🙂 How long did you make the pieces of tulle when you cut them?

    • All depends on how long you would like it. Just remember that the size you cut the tulle isn’t how long it will be on the tutu because you fold each piece in half, that will be your length.

  3. I have updated the post if you need to find a good place to order materials. I now have my sources posted.

  4. how do u add the tulle that goes around the neck

  5. how did you put the different colors of crochet together. I can’t tell by the pic. I would love to try to make some of these for my little neice

    • I actually did not make the brown and pink top I bought it at one of those links listed in the blog. I am adding another picture, where I combined a 4in top with a 1 1/2 head band. For that one I just weaved a piece of ribbon all the way around.

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  8. TheHairBowCompany.com – GREAT PRICES & reasonable shipping. Thanks for this tutorial. :]

  9. Thank you so much for this detailed tutorial. I found you via Pinterest. I just finished my first one. So easy peasy! Lots more tutu making in my future. All the lil girls I know will have one 🙂

  10. I get my tulle and grosgrain ribbon http://www.giftsintl.com not sure about international shipping but awesome prices. The link to the crochet bands is brokeb

  11. please I cannot get the link to whet u bought the tops can u please send me link thanks

  12. Approx how much Tulle did you use per dress??

    • It all depends on how long the dress needs to be and how much poof you want to it. If you want it more poofy you need to double up the tulle for each strand. Depending how think I layer the tutu.. I usually use no more than 2 75ft x 6 in spools of tulle/ tutu.

  13. I noticed that bownut.com is closing are you going to be purchasing their supplier list or do you have another location to get the items from,

  14. The Tulle place you posted is going out of business she raised the price of her supplier list from 25.00 to 50.00. That’s too much for me to spend on a list for a supplier. Especially if you have to buy bulk which I wont. There for I was wondering if anyone wants to share in the cost and share the download…

  15. Is that a shoe lid that you measured the tulle on?

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