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NOT A TUTORIAL Patchwork Pillow

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All day today I researched quilting, tutorial after tutorial, wondering if it was something I could actually accomplish. So at 9:30 only 1 short hour ago, I started playing around with the very last bit of scraps I had left of my Dr. Seuss fabric. I had no idea what I was going to make, just wanted to get a feel for it. I knew I had no wheres near enough to make even a baby’s blanket. It started to look like a very detailed large wash cloth. 🙂 Then my husband walks in and says it looks like I’m making a pillow. So I thought about it and you know what it really did look like a little pillow. So that’s what I made! However not perfect. My sewing skills are still very beginner, that’s why this is not a tutorial. But any who, this is what I finished with in 1 hour. (no ironing, no pinning, no measuring. Just a pair of scissors and a sewing machine)


Very lopsided, but I’m still happy with it! 🙂 Obviously if I had spent more time measuring and ironing it would have looked 10 X better.


-Lopez Creations


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