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Future Creations


  1. I just order some of the flannel fabric to make my first rag quilt! ( I couldn’t order it all because it was just to much!) I want it to be twin size so according to this handy website it’s going to take about 15 yards 0_0 I have ordered the first 6 yards. I figure by the time I cut up all the squares and start quilting them together, I will have the money to buy more fabric!  I am going to pretty much follow the tutorial found on this website, with a few minor changes. One being I found this super cute owl fabric that I’m going to use as a large panel in the center. Then I am also going to start out with 10in squares instead of 8in (That’s only because I personally have a hard time sewing really close to the edge and i want to make sure i still have a good 6-8in quilted square when finished.
  2. I have a few more sewing projects lined up, just waiting for the fabric. I want to try and make a Peasant styled dress and a square top shirt. I remind you everything I sew is on a super mini $20 sewing machine 🙂 I do plan to upgrade one day. I had a friend ask me to try and make her daughter a few dresses for her up coming birthday. As she knows I am very new at this, I am glad she is trusting me to get my creative juices flowing!
  3. Future TuTu creations, I just received 2 new printed tulle! One of them is blue and black zebra print and the other is black and white cheetah print, not sure what I’m going to do yet. But I am still excited! 
  4. My dad is sending me some blocks of wood (I don’t have the tools here to buy a 2×4 and cut it up) Once I receive them I am going to sand them paint them and modge podge some really cute scrapbook paper (big top series) & put the letters of my daughters name on the blocks. ( My youngest daughter is having a circus/carnival themed second birthday the blocks are to be one of her presents) On the note about her birthday, I planned to also make a custom birthday banner, and a lot of other cool carnival themed items. Her birthday is not until October but be on the look for many home made custom birthday ideas!


I have lots of future creations planned and I’m very excited about sharing my process with you all! I love feedback, If you have something in mind and would like for me to try and make it just send me a message at my face book page or leave a comment below. If I have never made the item before I am very hesitant about charging. I usually only charge the exact amount for material anyways. So don’t be afraid to ask! It’s much more fun to craft/sew when you have someone in mind!

Thanks again for reading

-Lopez Creations!



3 thoughts on “Future Creations

  1. I was a little worried when you said you wanted to make a twin size quilt with your machine, since it can be fun quilting a baby size quilt on mine, but when I saw the instructions on how the rag quilts are made, my fears were relieved! looks like a fun project! If you ever want someone to go fabric shopping with, let me know….I’m planning on going to Scampoli’s sometime really soon (as in next week sometime) LOVE that store!! good luck with all your future projects! can’t wait to see pictures!!

    • Thanks! I really wanted to try quilting and when I saw this tutorial I just had to try it! I didn’t want to make it to small since we are upgrading Evalyn to a twin size bed soon, I’m excited. You can ask Pete I went a lil crazy yesterday trying to plan out fabric I wanted. lol I just wish I had a whole store of fabric here! Would make it so much easier! I do want to check out that store. I went and bought a LITTLE bit of fabric at the craft store and spent 20 bucks :/ lol

      • ya the craft store doesn’t have very good prices, and then a horrible selection on top of that! btw, I think we’re doing something with quilting at the next sewing club, if you’re really wanting to start quilting, it’d be a good one to go to!

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