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Felt Crayon Rollup (Mini Tutorial)


I used 3 pre-cut felt sheets.  + a half of one to play around with adding the hearts.

a piece of ribbon (not pictured)


  1. First I Cut one of the purple sheets in halfImage
  2. Then I used a crayon about the same color
    (so it would only faintly show up)
    and drew lines to mark where I was going to sew
    (a lil wider than the width of a crayon. The pockets on the end are a little wider.
  3. Next sew the first half to the pink and the start sewing the lines that you drew


  4. If you want to add something to the back you can now. I attempting but as you can see I still need more practice in that area. lol


  5.  Next step is to sew the front and back together. If you want to add ribbon to tie it you add that now as well. If you have pinking shears you can cut around the border. Then all you have to do is add crayons and let your kids enjoy!


    So not perfect, but it’s my first time sewing with felt. I also couldn’t find my pins to pin this while sewing. 🙂 If you have any questions just ask. I called this a mini tutorial because I didnt take as many pictures as I would have liked to explain the steps. Thanks for reading!

-Lopez Creations


4 thoughts on “Felt Crayon Rollup (Mini Tutorial)

  1. You are awesome!

  2. Love the name … you must be the best art’s and craft mommy there is because u never run out of ideas keep up the cool stuff

  3. Love it! I am just starting out and MAYBE i can tackle this!!! Thanks!!!

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