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Peasant style dress.


I have been wanting to make this style dress for the longest time! So when I was asked to make a dress for a friends daughter I went for it. This tutorial by Create Kids Couture seemed perfect! I used the measurements for a size 5T and I started putting it together it was looking perfect! So when I was finally done I went to try it on my oldest daughter (size 3T) Way to short! lol You could see her butt. I tried it on my youngest daughter she wears a 24m/2T fit her great! So I tried for a size 5 and got a size 2 :/ Any advise on getting a size 5, maybe try for a size 8 then i’ll end with a size 5. lol I followed the tutorial perfectly either my measurements were off or the measurements on the tutorial are off. Either way it still turned out cute. But I still need a size 4/5 dress!  -Lopez Creations





No more pictures mommy!



2 thoughts on “Peasant style dress.

  1. I would measure your seams. The tutorial said they should be 3/8 inch. Also measure anywhere you had to fold the fabric and see if it’s all correct. If your measurements are right, then I’d say try a larger size! lol…good luck with it! If you need some help with it let me know, maybe we can get together to do some sewing sometime!

    • I’m trying again tonight. lol This time i’m aiming or a size 3T, then next time I will go or the size 4/5. lol (plus this one im making tonight, im cheating with the bottom hem because I’m using a sheet or the ruffle, so I just cut the edge lol)

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