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Reversible NO-SEW TuTu Tutorial

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First off, Make sure you read the No Sew TuTu tutorial.
(In the no-sew TuTu tutorial, I used a crochet dress top, for this tutorial I am just using elastic.)

Now that you have your basic no-sew TuTu, your ready to add a second layer to make it reversible!. (You can use as many colors as you’d like.) For this tutorial I was trying to match a Hello Kitty Shirt my daughter has, so I used gold, white and pink on top and black underneath!



Now, you need to cut your under tulle. I like to cut mine a little longer so it’s still visible when it’s underneath.  
After you make your basic no-sew tutu. DO NOT flip it around. Find the little loop on the tulle strand from your slip knot. Then all you need to do, it make another slip knot into the first layer of the tutu. Make sure to pull tight, both the under layer and the original layer.


I did every other one. But for an even fuller look you can do every one.


Once you go all the way around. You did it! You made a reversible/layered no-sew TuTu!



&&As Usually a good TuTu Needs an amazing model!



She was eating fruit loops. Below has a mouth full of fruit loops! Image



Feedback is appreciated! If you have any concerns or something is unclear just ask and I will help you as best as I can! Thanks for reading!


-Lopez Creations


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