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Neglections and Reflections

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I feel as if I am neglecting my blog. The time between each post is starting to grow. I haven’t had to much to share working on a bunch of tutu’s. Planning my daughters 2nd birthday! (I’m attempting to make a pair of triple ruffle pants for her, we’ll see how that goes. Rag quilt is still folded up in a corner.
Was suppose to go to the beach this past weekend… I wanted to get some pictures of my girls in a “trash the TuTu” shoot. 🙂  But of course this Italian weather is unpredictable. We checked the weather before we left said it was cloudy but never mentioned rain. (It was raining where we lived) But we headed down their anyways. Went to the Zoo, only sprinkled on us a bit but I did manage to get some pictures. More reflection shoots, I just love reflections!


Besides pictures of my girls 🙂 I think reflections are my next favorite.



Our friends Veni, Kris and their adorable baby boy Taylor joined us, and made it Taylor’s first trip to the Zoo!!
Look at this handsome lil man!



This next picture, I was trying to focus beyond the fence but it just wasn’t working (I need a new lens!!) So I focused to the fence instead and I think it turned out pretty cool.




Lastly here is a picture of my girls, who obviously had different ideas of the zoo. One just wanted to observe … and one just wanted to go play with the animals!




One thought on “Neglections and Reflections

  1. Great photos! I’m a big fan of reflection shots as well 🙂 for the fence photo did you try using the manual focus? I don’t always get the photo as sharp as I want on manual focus, but it at least puts the focus where I want it!

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