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Come one Come all to Jocelyn’s Grand Circus!

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October 27th and finally the party is here. 3 months of preparing and the wait is over. We wake up to the sound of rain and grey skies. We thought for sure the party would be ruined. But to our surprise everyone still made it out and survived threw the party and actually had a good time.

1. Balloon animals.  I hung up a long strand of embroidery floss and just twisted the balloons animals to it.


2. Balloon and Darts.  I just used a large Cork Board, covered it with the stripped table cloth attached balloons with tape


3. My photography props. The “costumes on a stick” I really wanted to make them myself because I found tons of easy DIY tutorials but I just cannot get the hang of my exact-o knife. So I ordered these ones from Party City. I think they were $4, I just had the hot glue them to their sticks.


4. Clown bag toss!! I really want to make this game happen. Was tempted to buy one… but just days before the party this came to me. I had a large cardboard box, spray painted it white. Then I lightly drew a clown (I am no artist!!) And painted it, my girls tried helping with this part **hint** the random smudges. lol Cut a few holes large enough for the bean bags to go threw. Lastly attached the cardboard to a clothing rack. It was a big hit!! Even if everyone was secretly making fun of my clown. 🙂


5. More balloons. This year we really didn’t want to worry about helium balloons. So I blew up all of these balloons twisted them together in sets of four. then VERY carefully threaded with a needle and embroidery floss threw the center of all these balloons making sure to only puncture past the knot. These were suppose to be hung up out side but because of the rain I attached them here!


6. Goodie Bags! Everything for the goodie bags were ordered from Orientaltrading.com I just love that site! Inside the bags the kiddos found cicus yoyos, bouncy balls, stretchy clowns, clown hacky sacks and a circus sticker kit!


7. My paper banner in action. For this I just ordered a set of scrapbook paper Big Top edition. Ordered large colorful vinyl letters. Cut out the triangle attach the stickers and brought the banner together with ribbon thread threw the holes made with a hole puncher.


8. Our party table!  I ordered a huge role of red and white striped table cloth from Orientaltrading.com The reviews for it weren’t so good so I was nervous. But it turns out that was the best decoration I bought. I used the table cloth for 1 large table, and 2 smaller tables. Then made this huge circus tent about the table. AND I still have alot left! The cake was amazing made by Bree’sBakes.  

I also made the fabric banner being used underneath the table.


So even with the rain and horrible weather. Everyone came together to help make this day truly special for Jocelyn’s 2nd Birthday!


One thought on “Come one Come all to Jocelyn’s Grand Circus!

  1. looks like a fun time! glad the rain didn’t spoil the day!

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