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photography, crochet, sewing, tutu's, paper crafts, (scrap-booking), tutorials, props, jewelry, hair bows, T-Shirts, &Much more you name it. I'll try it!

TuTu Crazed!

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I really hate having to let go but I am taking a very long pause from TuTu making. Since I am unable to promote my tutu’s and actually sell them for profit I will be taking a break from making them until I get back to the states. I really needed to clean my craft room anyways so I could have more space for sewing. I finally have a good stash of fabric and a decent sewing machine but have been bombarded with tulle and crochet bands filling my craft room its been hard to actually take the time and concentrate on sewing. I have finally organized all my tutu material and hoping it sells fast so I can finally organize this craft room again and get back on track with sewing!


One thought on “TuTu Crazed!

  1. I can’t wait to see all the amazing things you sew! hopefully with no tutu making, you’ll be posting here more often?

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