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14 months ago…my one last good bye.

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I started making tutu’s October 2011. I do believe my tutu’s have advanced quiet a bit….
I started out with this very small not very much tulle tutus. 🙂 Then I started making tutu dresses those were a big hit! I played around with a few options of tie the ends of the tutu or tying other colors of tulle into the tutu… wrapping ribbon around the waste band also hot gluing embellishments to give it that “floating” effect. I think all these options are what make me love making my tutu’s. The possibilities are endless then to know that my creation is going to be given to a lil girl to make them feel like a princess… priceless!

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I had lots of fun with these tutus this past year. I had the perfect models…. Who didn’t always want to model them for me. They got use to it and started having fun. When I first started making them my girls were terrified of the tutu’s now they see me making one they try it on themselves! I have made adult tutus, newborn tutus, toddler tutus, older child tutus, and even dog tutus! We are getting a kitty soon…. maybe i could get her to wear one hmmmmm lol Point is I have made alot of tutu’s this past year and cannot wait to start up again next year!

Thanks for reading!
-Lopez Creations

Up next will be my holiday edition blog. I debated if I should give you guys a blog a day about our holiday creations but just ran out of times so I will be giving you guys one big blog after the holidays. So until then Happy holidays!!


One thought on “14 months ago…my one last good bye.

  1. good job Samantha! you are very creative. Keep up the good work

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