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Holiday Traditions.

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We are a family with lots of Christmas traditions! They all start the day after Thanksgiving, when we put up our tree and all of our Christmas decor! I grew up with real trees, but we decided to do fake trees. Maybe next year in the states we can get a real one.

16073_519646938048590_1999539835_n 603948_519647048048579_481082372_n

Next on my list for Holiday Traditions…..Non-Edible Apple Cinnamon Ornaments. They last threw the years but I like to make a new batch each year. The pictures below are from the ones I made last year. Where I used glitter glue pens to color them in… This year the store was sold out of the glitter glue pens so I let the girls paint them with my acrylics.
376445_308748945805058_1735278444_n 376588_309639102382709_2136141573_n

This year we went to a Christmas Market in Asiago. Our first and probably only real look at snow this year was on the drive their threw the mountains.  snow

The girls rode on their first carousel in Asiago. Evalyn was scared and Jocelyn loved it.

148716_522792054400745_135089706_n 578019_522791884400762_1969574907_n

Walking around the market we got  to look at all the amazing creations.
60517_522952431051374_572383068_n 526713_522952411051376_2086448287_n 526752_522952467718037_2052560093_n

Back to Christmas traditions. This year I tried to keep up with lots of holiday crafts with the girls. However some days I didn’t feel as motivated as I wanted to. But here’s what we made this month.

Santa hand print ornaments. Just made with flour salt and water.


The girls got to ice their sugar cookies…. started out pretty good just really liked the sprinkes …. by the end it turned into body paint.

45073_528058233874127_1950352271_n 181831_528057507207533_1440263489_n 398304_528057547207529_1892392333_n59326_528057693874181_538772481_n

They got to decorate gingerbread men and a gingerbread house as well.
3813_535849579761659_308946590_n 27890_535849676428316_905197151_n 533669_535849399761677_175531905_n 541940_535849526428331_1906096303_n

I made rice krispie treats and cut them out as Christmas trees and let the girls colors them green and decorate their trees!


We also made Popsicle stick creations! Evalyns favorite were the raindeers!

537642_531365840210033_402108295_n 540258_531365693543381_1466359280_n

Last year I made these stockings… They defiantly needed some work so this year I was going to make new ones but ran out of time. So these were our stockings again. I made the acu fabric wreath last year as well.
390230_324156230930996_703784594_nI made these ornaments this year using our christmas photos from last year. I want to try and keep up with this each year. They were simple enough. Just needed clear ornaments, rolled up a small photo adjusted the photo and added ribbon and tinsel, possiblities are endless with theses!533269_531413120205305_109652755_n

Christmas Dinner mmm mmmm We made honey baked ham, sweet Potatoes, Parmesan cheese mash potatoes, green beans, homemade crandberry relish!

I also made my own peppermint candy platter. I used 2 big bags of these candys, arranged them in a circle and baked them on a very low temp. until melted. Let cool and it was a perfect festive platter.


New tradition I would like to keep with. I used paper streamer to “block” their way to the presents. When they are older you do this to their bedroom doors. That way they have to “bust” threw it to get to their presents!


I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. &&With only 2 more days until New Years Happy New Years as well!
Thanks for reading!

-Lopez Creations

What crazy holiday traditions do you and your family have?



One thought on “Holiday Traditions.

  1. ooh lots of fun crafty things!!! we put everything up the day after Thanksgiving as well, and take it down on epiphany. My parents always had a Christmas Eve party when I was growing up, with all our friends and neighbors, and Ben and I decided to keep that tradition going as well 🙂 always make a ham Christmas Eve, and turkey for Christmas day

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