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We have less than a year left here in Italy. Being here over 2 years I wish we were able to see more. Just want to share my “bucket list” for our last year. We are going to try and do at least 1 thing a month until we leave and if im lucky we’ll do more than 1 thing a month!

  • Venice Carnivale
  • Switzerland
  • Milan
  • Pisa/Volterra
  • Florence
  • Germany
  • Lake Bled


&& If im really lucky

  • Pompeii/Naples

I always take tons of photo’s so I will make sure to share will you all! I do love traveling it’s just so expensive and stressful with 2 toddlers! 


On the “crafty” side. I’m joining a challenge 113 crafts. Challenging us to do exactly that 113 crafts this year. Maybe it will motivate me to get crafting! Been playing a lot of Black Ops 2 and W.O.W…. So I’ve been slacking, I do have some material cut just haven’t sewed anything together. Hopefully I will have lots of crafts to share in the weeks to come.


Lopez Creations




3 thoughts on “Italia

  1. Pisa, Volterra, and Florence you could probably do all in the same 4 day weekend! 🙂 out of the 3, we’ve only been to Pisa, but you definitely don’t need more than a couple hours there….Lake Bled I HIGHLY suggest going in July when they do the fireworks and floating candles….get a hotel with a view of the lake and watch from your room! (that’s what we did last year! probably the best way to watch the show with your girls)….and if you make it down to Pompeii/Naples, I’d skip Naples…we went for my VA appointment, didn’t really get to see much in Naples, but I wouldn’t mind one bit if we never went to Naples again…Pompeii we LOVED though! I hope you get the chance to go!

  2. oh, and I’m super excited you’re doing the craft challenge too!! it’ll be fun!

  3. If we go to lake bled it would “definitely” be in July that’s the plan, I was so upset we didn’t have the funds to go last year!

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