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One Crafty Week!

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  1. For the amazing free tutorial and free pattern for the short sleeve peasant dress please click here
  2. I just used a variation for this long sleeve peasant tunic and leggings. Using the same link you can find above with the peasant dress. All I did was use the dress measurements minus the ruffle and made the sleeves much longer. The leggings I make my own pattern with a pair of leggings my daughter already owned!
  3. You can find the tutorial for the passport cover here!


I have crocheted my first scarf! It’s the first time ever crocheting anything. I still cant believe it! ME I am crocheting! I’ve tried several times because starting with basics and then getting bored and quitting so this time I went to YOU TUBE! I started with a heart then a flower and went straight for the scarf! I stuck with a very very basic pattern, I thought it was never going to end my fingers even went numb at points! I started about 1500 yesterday and finished today at 1600. I obviously didn’t work straight threw, but I think I did pretty dang good! What I really want to make is one of those adorable owl hats! I don’t know if I’m ready to tackle that tho, plus I need to take a trip to the craft store to get more yarn!!!!!!!!! I also fiddled around with crocheted hearts and a flower… going to try some other patterns!






More exciting news! I will be ordering a Silhouette Cameo very soon! & I couldn’t be more excited! I have been wanting a die cut machine for a while now, and when a friend recommended the silhouette cameo I had to look into it! With hours of research I decided that this was the one for me!!!!!!!

As Always Thanks for Reading

-Lopez Creations


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