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How to “age” paper.

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  • Paper
  • Fine Tip permanent marker
  • foam paint brush
  • Brewed tea or coffee (I used coffee)
  • Paper Towels
  • lighter (optional)


        1.      Using your fine tip permanent marker write on your plain white paper. Could be phrases, poems, etc… (I used famous lines from Edgar Allan Poe’s poems and short stories)

       2.  Crumple the paper, then flatten. Using your brewed coffee or tea pour and brush all over the paper. Let it sit on the paper for a couple of minutes.


            3.  Using the paper towels, very carefully tap away the excess coffee/tea.     

            4. Then (I) put the papers one by one on a cookie sheet and bake in the over for only a couple of minutes until dry. ((You can also air dry but would take MUCH longer))

           5. Use the lighter if you would like to burn around the edges. You can also rip the pages. Which is what I did. Ripped into sections then burned around the edges.





After I ripped the pages apart and burned the edges this is what I finished with.  After you get to this step you are done. You just have to decide how you what to use your “aged” paper” Read on to see what I did.



I had a Cracker Barrel cheese box that I wanted to use. So I painted it a creamy light brown.

and used home made modge podge (elmers glue and water) to apply the “aged paper” Once I applied the paper I let it dry. Lastly sprayed clear spray paint all over to give it that finished look and seal it all in.




Still Unsure what I want to put in my new box, but I think it turned out pretty cool looking. What do you think?



If you use this tutorial to “age” paper, I’d love to see how your project(s) turned out.

Thanks for reading, and feedback is always welcomed and appreciated.


Lopez Creations


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