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BURLAP! Who knew?

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I was going to wait until the end of the week to post this blog but I just couldn’t wait! A couple weeks ago someone posted some printed burlap crafts on our 113 craft challenge and I instantly fell in love with them! The inspired me to order the materials and try it for myself. I’m not going to lie I was a little nervous, clicking the print button, sending the image to the printer…I thought for sure the burlap would get jammed and destroy my printer. I was prepared for total disaster! But when I finally saw the the printed burlap smoothly flowing out of the printer… I was in complete awe! So I am prepared to share with you my mini tutorial. I will be updating this blog as I make more printed burlap to share!



(Links are to hobby lobby where i order my materials)

First make sure you have you image ready to be printed. During this process I stumbled across this page/generator. Fairly simple to use. Click load then enter any and all words you want to appear in your word collage click submit. Then play around with the colors and theme and change image until you find what you like! again here is the link


The next step is to cut your burlap and interfacing to the exact size. No bigger than what your printer can handle.


The interfacing I used said to lay shiny side to wrong side fabric and iron. With this interfacing the shiny side is very obvious, unlike other brands where it can be hard to tell.


Once interfacing is attached load it to the printer just like regular printer paper. In my case burlap side down because it flips aver when it goes threw the printer. Hit print on your computer and watch your image emerge!


As you can tell these colors didn’t show up that well, so I just placed the burlap back threw the printer and printed a second time with black.



These printed burlap projects can be used for a number of things. Put in frames or turned into pillows. As of now I just have my pinned to a cork board. Will probably put them in frames one I find the perfect frames.

If you use this tutorial I would love to see you finished out comes! As always Thanks for reading and any feedback is appreciated!

Lopez Creations


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