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Evil Sewing Machine!


I have come to the conclusion that my sewing machine hates me!

Besides the fact that my sewing space is incredibly to small, I have had just about the most unaccomplished day of sewing! ImageRUFFLE dilemma! I love the way ruffles look on my girls clothes but I still have not perfected them! I know their suppose to be easy but for me their one of the hardest things to sew! first hem them CHECK, next sew at the biggest straight stitch across the top CHECK next slowly and carefully pull thread to create ruffle….. POP… my thread just about always pops! So I skip that and make my own ruffles while pinning them to my project, was looking good, I finally finished…. turn turn it over and see this disaster! (see below) Proof that my sewing machine hates me! I’m tempted to just leave it :/ but I’ll probably have to pull that entire mess out and start all over!Image

My sewing machine is evil! Thread never want’s to stay put tears up my projects! I have so many ideas that I want to bring to life but my sewing machine discourages me to do anything! Makes me just want to pick up a ball of yarn and stick to crocheting… at least with crocheting if I mess up it’s an easy fix! (unless my yarn gets all knotted but that’s besides the point)





As always thanks for reading. Taking a break from sewing tonight hopefully tomorrow I can finish my projects I’ve been working on this week. 


Lopez Creations 


4 thoughts on “Evil Sewing Machine!

  1. Mariah would probably know what’s making the machine do that! Also, I know a trick to ruffles that might help 🙂 I’ll see if I can find the link for you

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