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Coloring Eggs with shaving cream

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A new fun Easter tradition! It did make a mess, but I think it’s better than having the cups of egg dye spilling all over the place. We will be dying eggs the traditional way this week but with a small twist in hopes to making it more toddler friendly. So be on the look out!


Our eggs turned out a very light pastel color… see below for tips to make your brighter!


They had fun, so that’s really all that matters. 



The way we did it was by using Styrofoam plates, piling the shaving cream on top of the plates. Then added the food coloring, mix it up a bit (don’t be afraid to use to much, I think ours would have turned out much better if I had used more color) We tried to use plastic gloves for the girls but they just kept falling off. Then just let the kids roll the cooled off boiled eggs all threw the shaving cream. Let the eggs sit in the shaving cream for about 15-30 minutes before rinsing with cooled water. (another thing I think I did wrong, I rinsed them off way to soon.)





Supplies Needed :

  •  FOAM shaving cream. NOT GEL
  • Liquid Food coloring not the gel coloring
  • Gloves if you want/ but not necessary as the color washed right off of the skin
  • plates or some kind of surface to put the shaving cream Image

She eventually got bored of rolling the eggs in the shaving cream and started covering her arms… I was so worried her arms would be died blue… but after a quick bath it all came off! Image

Thanks for reading! Feed back is always welcome. If you have any suggestions let me know!

-Lopez Creations


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