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photography, crochet, sewing, tutu's, paper crafts, (scrap-booking), tutorials, props, jewelry, hair bows, T-Shirts, &Much more you name it. I'll try it!


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I wasn’t and haven’t been as committed as I wanted to be. 


My most popular post have been : 

Title   Views
NO-SEW TuTu Tutorial   4,749
DIY Fabric Wreath Tutorial   533
Reversible NO-SEW TuTu Tutorial   452

On a side note I have been working on an update/addition to the tutu tutorials.

–I am always open to suggestions. If you’ve seen something somewhere and cannot figure out how to make it, send it my way. I love the challenge, if I can figure it out I will make a tutorial for you.–


Of all the stats what impresses me the most is what countries have viewed my page : 

(In order from most views) 

USA, Italy, Canada, The UK, Australia, Mexico, South Africa, Netherlands, Brazil, France, Turkey, Germany, New Zealand, Argentina, Romania, Philippines, Israel, Malaysia, Poland, Greece, Puerto Rico, Spain, Thailand, Venezuela, Denmark, India, Republic of Korea, Serbia, Sweden, Costa Rica, Columbia, Singapore, Guatemala, Belgium, Indonesia, Finland, Pakistan, Lithuania, Dominican Republic, Croatia, Japan, Czech Republic, Kuwait, Norway, Ireland, Aruba, United Arab Emirates, Georgia, Bahrain, Hong Kong, Peru, Uruguay, Estonia, Iceland, Hungary, Barbados, Chile, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Ecuador, Saudi Arabia, Russian Federation, Slovakia, Guam, Egypt, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Viet Nam, Portugal,  Cyprus, Iraq, Brunei Darussalam, Paraguay, Jamaica, Maldives, Latvia, Austria, Jordan, Slovenia, Luxembourg, Montenegro, Panama, Macao, 


My blog really has made it world wide! I started this blog not expected such out come. I never really looked at my stats before today. With one year down and another on it’s way, I will try to be more active! 

For all my subscribers and more active followers – Thank you For your support!


–Lopez Creations 


One thought on “ONE YEAR.

  1. I LOVE seeing all the different places people view my blog from!! congrats on hitting 1 year!!

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