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First off let me, let you know, that I do have several post that I plan to share to catch up but I am a little behind. I Just could not wait to share this post about my telescopic lens! So as you have assumes my telescopic lens has arrived! THe first two nights it was a cloudy mess with no moon in sight! Last night I was finally able to play with my telescope! The pictures I got aren’t as crisp and detailed as I would like however that’s no the telescopes fault it’s my tripods fault!! 🙂 I did not think having a cheap tripod would matter but of course it does because the lens attaches to the tripod while camera mounts to the lens. I suppose if I was using a smaller point and shoot camera it wouldn’t move as much. Anyways! Lets get to the photos!

After very minor editing this is my end photo!!  This photo was shot this 50X magnification. 


This is before my minor edited! As you can see it’s pretty detailed if only I could get my camera and lens 100% stable! 


And Just as a reminder this is what the moon looks like shooting through my 200 mm camera lens. 



For those interested this is the telescope lens I bought! The cool thing about this telescope lens is that you can mount any camera to it! When you order it specify what camera you have to the seller and they will send the corresponding adapter! 

As usual thanks for reading! I plan to have much more pictures of the moon to share in the future! I hope they only get better,

-Lopez Creations 




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