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Spiderman Party

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Things I will talk about in this post:

  1. Link-O-Loons
  2. Spider Banner
  3. City Skyline
  4. Drink Labels
  5. Spidey Games
  6. Photo Booth/Props
  7. Party Favors
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My daughter turned three in October, she LOVES Spiderman, so we gave her a Spiderman party!

1. The balloon “arch” over the table was made with Link-O-Loons, if you haven’t worked with these before look them up! They are pretty awesome. Below is a picture of a link-o-loon. They have a little tail on the top.This makes it much easier to make arches, helium or not. For this party we did not use helium, we just strung the arch up. For my daughter’s first birthday we used these balloons with helium…shown here :  and 

I think they look amazing with helium. Their are so many more options to do with them than just doing arches. Next year when we are back in the states we will use helium in them again! Buying helium here in Italy is way to expensive! 



2. Spider Banner. I made this with my Silhouette Cameo! I wish I got a closer photo, but the circles are actually scalloped edged, then I mod podged black spider web and the letters to my daughters name. I just strung it all together with some black yarn.

3. City Skyline. I bought some black foam board and just used an exacto blade to cut the city. The foam board actually has a grid on one side so it made it easy to cut straight. Then there’s really no exactness to how the city should look, make some tall buildings, short ones pointed tops, flats tops. Just have fun with it. The edges will look a little scraggly but that’s OK, when your done just run your finger across the edges. 


4. Drink labels. I cannot take credit for these. I found the free printable at this blog. Poppy Seed Projects. Once printed just cut and wrap around bottles and tape together. These were a big hit everyone loved the labels! 


5. Spidey Games. First we have the pinata. The picture above is of the birthday girl in her birthday TuTu dress, That I made forher! 


The next spidey game was this tiny velcro ball game. I bought this and was expecting a much bigger version…None the less the kiddos still had fun. 


The last Spidey Game was this Pin the Spider on the web. I just bought a poster board, drew a spider web. The using my silhouette cameo I cut out enough spiders for all the kiddos and wrote their names on them. You could play for who gets the closest to the center or just everyone wins when their spider makes it to the web. 

6. PhotoBooth/Props. 



The banner I attached to the backdrop I made…NO SEW! I’ve had my sewing machine packed up and really didn’t want to unpack it, so I figured I would try the iron on binding. I understand that the iron on wont last as long as sewing but it worked perfect for the party. Choose a fabric and search for iron on binding…SLOWLY Iron-on the binding around each pendant. I then used my Silhouette Cameo to cut out my daughters name on iron on vinyl. 



All of the following paper props you will see I made with my silhouette cameo. I cut them all out and hot glued them to dowels. I only wish I was able to get more people to participate in my lil photo booth! The kids were to hyper and the adults didn’t care for it! 🙂



The backdrop turned into a great background while the birthday girl opened her gifts. 


7. Instead of just giving out goody bags. I decided to make spiderman t-shirts for all the boys and spiderman tutu’s for all the girls. I made lables with their name on word. (I wish I saved the file to share but I forgot to) It is very easy to make. I just found the shape i wanted then on word choice to make a thick black box around the shape. Printed on Red cardstock, cut them out, punched holes and tied to each “goody” using twine. 


Here is the Birthday girls big sister modeling her tutu. 



All girls put their tutu’s on for the party!



I also printed labels for everything. Using Freeprintables. (Hero Pizza, Spidey Cake, Picture Time etc…)




Thanks for checking out our party! I hope we have inspired you to create you own spidey party. If you have any questions at all don’t hesitate to ask! 

Lopez Creations! 



One thought on “Spiderman Party

  1. looks like a fun party! love everything you made for it!!

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