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Starting to look like Christmas!



We finally have the tree all set up and I was looking foward to taking some fun pictures! I plan was to get some bokeh effect pictures… only to find out that I need a lens with an aperture of F1.8…Also before this night I had no idea how to change my aperture let alone where to look for what aperture range was offered. Once I found out I felt a little stupid! I have a Nikon D90… and did not know that while on the INFO menu all I had to do was adjust the little dial on the front of the camera..–Embarrassing– and plus double embarrassing I had no idea that I would not beable to get the F1.8 aperture with my lens… or any of the lens I own. The closest I can it a F4.5 which gave me a little bit of the bokeh effect I was looking for but no wheres nearly as intense as I wanted. 

These first 3 pictures were taken with my holga pinhole lens ($15 on Ebay) I bought it over a year ago and could not get it to work. But now that I have a better understanding of manual mode, I know that I needed to have an extended shutter speed so enough light comes into the picture. The following 3 pictures are from my minor experiment with this lens.  

Image In this picture I decided to stand next to the tree and it gave me a light shadow on the left. 


This next picture is the closest I could get to the bokeh effect I was looking for. I was apple to get a F4.5 but my lens do not offer what I wanted. Maybe next year I will have a new lens and be able to try again. 


I have finally made it out of my first horrible trimester, so I wanted to show my fatty belly… lol Yes most is still belly flab but the baby is there. 🙂 By Christmas we should know the gender! 






This last picture as just for fun! Looks like a firework Christmas Tree… Or light Explosion! I like it! With the camera on the tripod and long shutter speed I snapped the picture and a couple seconds into the picture I zoomed out. 

Everything with photography is a learning experience for me. I learn more and more every time I pick up my camera! Thanks for reading and letting me share my experiences with you! 


-Lopez Creations 


2 thoughts on “Starting to look like Christmas!

  1. I LOVE the last one!! and the further back you can get from the tree, the better bokeh you’ll get…it’s def easier with a better lens (50mm btw is a GREAT lens, and fairly cheap! they’re between $100-$200 ish for the 1.8 depending which one you get) but the best way to get good bokeh is to be close to your subject, and put as much distance as possible between the subject and background

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