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Shout Out to Coffee Shop Blog

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Coffee Shop Blog has lots and lots of free downloads for PS and PSE. Textures and Actions. I have finally went through and downloading most of them!! Took a while but it is worth it! If you don’t have the time to download one by one for a small cost the blog offers packages to download all the popular items  right away!
I just wanted to share some of my recent edits thanks to Coffee Shop Blog!

This picture below is using one of my favorite free actions called Attic Vintage! Using the texture Foamy chocolate milk found in the “Baking with Mom Ethereal Textures” set also found as a free download from Coffee Shop Blog.
DSC_1044 before after


These next pictures were taken when my youngest was about 5 months old “I believe.” This was before I owned my DSLR camera, we actually had to borrow a friends point and shoot camera. My husband was behind the camera and we could not figure out how to take the date off!! We we were reviewing the images I was so upset that the time stamp was on my pictures! But finally 3 years later and some what experienced with PSE 10, I was able to do some minor edits to these pictures.

1. The first picture is using the SOOC image then I used: eye bright and the portrait perfect actions both found from Coffee Shop Blog. 

perfect portrait and daydream 2

2. This image below I again started with eye bright and finished with Rosy vintage.

rosey vintage 1

3. The image below started with Eye bright and finished with Velvet Truffle action. velvet truffle


4.  Started with eye bright and finished with Rosy Vintage.

rosy vintage

5. Eye bright and finished with Portrait Perfect. perfect portrait

6. This last one was edited with eye bright and Peachy glow. peachy glow


The Before and After template was also downloading free from Coffee Shop Blog. 


I absolutely love this blog, it has made my life and i’m sure MANY other photographers life much much easier! If you have the time be sure to check it out! All the links provided above will send you to Coffee Shop Blogs home page. I feel if you do the exploring yourself you’ll find more use of the blog!


Thanks For Reading!
-Lopez Creations!




One thought on “Shout Out to Coffee Shop Blog

  1. Thanks for the link, looks like a pretty cool blog over there!

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