Lopez Creations

photography, crochet, sewing, tutu's, paper crafts, (scrap-booking), tutorials, props, jewelry, hair bows, T-Shirts, &Much more you name it. I'll try it!

Behind Lopez Creations!

I am a Proud Military Wife, and stay at home mom to 2 beautiful li’l girls!
To keep my sanity I craft and take lots of pictures!

375158_10200588806217127_1562852316_n camera strap (new star Trek Camera strap from Lucifayedesigns)

If you see me out in about… you better believe this baby is in my hands. If for some reason it’s not I have a smaller one in my perse..or have my husbands phone. I will never be somewhere without a means to capture a shot when necessary! 


Photo above was taken by Beautiful Faces Photography

I cannot take all the credit tho. These two beauty’s are the inspiration behind all my creations. They are what have gotten me this far. As they grow so do my creations. They are the faces of Lopez Creations!

If I see someone selling something I like… I’m always that one…. That’s like ooo I bet I could make that for half the price! I think it means more when I can say I made it! I also feel that If I can make it, anyone can. & that’s why I want to add tutorials of most of my items.

I currently live in Italy, a journey not as glamorous as many would think. But it does make for beautiful photos!


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