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Star Wars Baby Girl.

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A lot has happened since my last posting. We moved from Italy back to the states. and our Baby girl was born June 10th!

I have tried to keep my face book pages somewhat updated but have no posted a new blog since March. I have a couple of post that I need to do to catch up on and post for you all to see.

FIRST… I will start with, where I left off. STAR WARS.

Back in March I posted this blog about some of the Star Wars projects I had completed. We now have a nursery set up so I was able to take some pictures to share to help inspire you to create your own Star Wars nursery. The canvases I uploaded the pictures to Artscow.com, then ordered the canvases they always have good deals  so to catch a good price you really have to keep an eye out. All the Star Wars dolls were purchased through Ebay… again, to get a good deal you really have to search.

The Star Wars Mobile, I used a old mobile and took it all apart. I bought star wars plush key chains and attached them to the mobile, I also made little covers using star wars fabric and assembled the new mobile together.

Now that we had the nursery all set up it was only right to take some super cute star wars picture of our baby. I did not have to time to make the hats myself however I found these on an ETSY shop. The seller shipped extremely fast and they fit and looked perfectly.   The picture I really wanted was similar to this one I found on pinterest. However I just didn’t have the correct equipment or expierence so I decided to go the safer route with the following pictures. What do you think? How did my Princess Leia/Baby Girl Yoda photo shoot turn out?

DSC_0266 copy

DSC_0269 copy

DSC_0275 copy copy

DSC_0277 LC

DSC_0292 copy

My next blog will be a quick update of the last few weeks of my pregnancy and the maternity pictures I took. Thank you for reading and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask!

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Vintage Photo Shoot

For a while now I have been planning a “vintage” photo shoot. I have not completed it yet, because I have ideas for my daughters as well, I will hopefully be taking their pictures soon.

This first picture is my favorite of my husband and I.

The banner I am holding can be found in the past blog 

For those of you who don’t know what went wrong with this shoot, let me fill you in. I have a wireless remote that I was planning on using for taking our pictures. However upon arrival at our spot and setting up the tripod I realized the batteries were dead. So I decided to go ahead with the shoot and just use the self timer. Which resulted with me having to run back and forth in heels…. which nonetheless lead to me completely face planting in the road!  Thankfully my desire to get this pictures were greater than the humiliation I was feeling. We continued with the shoot and good some good pictures!

My biggest disappointment will have to be the lighting… most of our pictures resulted with the sun right in our face!


My husband whom was suppose to be wearing suspenders somehow managed to break them in the process of getting dress. -_-

But even without the suspenders he looks amazing. 😀


The last pose I wanted to try was the dip and kiss…I managed to laugh my butt off the entire time of trying to get the perfect picture. I still think it turned out but was not what I was hoping for.


My husband hates taking pictures but he really was a trooper. Even after I fell he contained himself and didn’t laugh at me until we finished our pictures and made it back to the car. 🙂 I love him!
I will also be sharing my daughters “vintage” pictures once we get around to taking them!

Thanks for looking! As always feedback is more than appreciated.
Lopez Creations

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Beach TuTu Shoot.

I have been talking about doing a beach tutu shoot for about a year now and I finally got around to making it happen! I already posted these photos on my facebook page but here they are again.

Thanks for looking.

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No-Sew TuTu with Lined Top (mini tutorial)

When I decided to make a couple more tutus, I stumble across this ETSY shop that makes custom tutu tops! She also sells Extra Large LINED tutu tops! The tops are more expensive than from the site I usually buy my tutu tops from: source found in this post. However I could not resist I bought an Extra Large LINED tutu top! &That’s the reason for this post!


  • Extra Large LINED tutu top from KissyFaceKreations
  • Tulle of your color choice (I always buy my tulle from bownut)
  • Scissors
  • crochet hook if desired

1. The first step is shown here No-Sew TuTu tutorial

Cut all tulle to desired length


2. Start adding tulle to the bottom row of holes on the tutu top. You can add them by using a simple slip knot. Directions found here.


If you can see above. With the lined tutu top you have to put the tulle in at an angle. (side to side instead of up and down shown here)6m7d0wzoqhp34n1vivu09c9cnpgfycmjDSC_0134_zpscafe9ff0


By using a crochet hook. (which I found much easier than the slip not with this lined top)

Inset the hook where you want the tulle to go.


Then complete a single crochet. tulle over and pull threw. (used a 6.5mm hook) I would assume the larger the hook the easier it’ll be just becareful not to stretch the holes out to much.


Continue all the way about, staying in your color pattern.


These tutu tops are very big! Pictured below is my 3 year old wearing it. It is not stretched at all! So I would assume that these tops have the potential of fitting up to at least  a 10 year old. The good this also is they come lined so no worries of being able to see threw the top when it’s stretched. I am unsure if KissyfaceKreations takes custom orders on the lined tops (to order smalled ones) I have noticed in her shop being able to order custom colors in her not lined tops in all different sizes. I recommend everyone check out her shop!


I will have more of this tutu this weekend. We are heading to the beach today for the week and I am planning on doing a photo shoot with this tutu ON the beach!



Thanks for reading! If their is any confusing, questions, or request with any of my tutorials please feel free to leave a comment and I will get back to you.

-Lopez Creations