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Star Wars Baby Girl.

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A lot has happened since my last posting. We moved from Italy back to the states. and our Baby girl was born June 10th!

I have tried to keep my face book pages somewhat updated but have no posted a new blog since March. I have a couple of post that I need to do to catch up on and post for you all to see.

FIRST… I will start with, where I left off. STAR WARS.

Back in March I posted this blog about some of the Star Wars projects I had completed. We now have a nursery set up so I was able to take some pictures to share to help inspire you to create your own Star Wars nursery. The canvases I uploaded the pictures to Artscow.com, then ordered the canvases they always have good deals  so to catch a good price you really have to keep an eye out. All the Star Wars dolls were purchased through Ebay… again, to get a good deal you really have to search.

The Star Wars Mobile, I used a old mobile and took it all apart. I bought star wars plush key chains and attached them to the mobile, I also made little covers using star wars fabric and assembled the new mobile together.

Now that we had the nursery all set up it was only right to take some super cute star wars picture of our baby. I did not have to time to make the hats myself however I found these on an ETSY shop. The seller shipped extremely fast and they fit and looked perfectly.   The picture I really wanted was similar to this one I found on pinterest. However I just didn’t have the correct equipment or expierence so I decided to go the safer route with the following pictures. What do you think? How did my Princess Leia/Baby Girl Yoda photo shoot turn out?

DSC_0266 copy

DSC_0269 copy

DSC_0275 copy copy

DSC_0277 LC

DSC_0292 copy

My next blog will be a quick update of the last few weeks of my pregnancy and the maternity pictures I took. Thank you for reading and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask!

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Star Wars DIY

Just wanted to share some of my star wars themed projects. I have many more ideas in mind, and I cannot wait to complete them all.

1. Star Wars Crib Sheet and blanket.



2.  Star Wars Burp Cloths




3. Star Wars Baby Mobile.
When we found out we were pregnant, I knew right away that I wanted a star wars nursery…regardless if we found out we had a boy or girl. I came across this really cute mobile on pinterest. I knew I had to find a way to recreate it! Found here 



I cannot wait until we have our nursery fully set up after our move and I can get better pictures for everyone!


Photo Shop Fixer Upper

My biggest disappointment with my “gender reveal pictures,” is that we didn’t get one picture with both my girls smiling. So I attempted to merge two photos together. This was the result. Can you tell which daughter I added to this picture?










Here are the two pictures I started out with. I decided to go ahead and completely copy (using lasso tool) My youngest daughter out of the first image below and pasting her to the second image below. The hardest part was making sure the balloon string met up. How do you think I did? Is it believable or a complete photo shop bomb?

ImageImageThanks For Reading.
Lopez Creations

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It’s a Girl again!

This past week we had our 20 week ultra sound and found out we are having our third baby girl! Apparently we are not meant to have a boy! I wanted to do the cool gender reveal pictures this is what we got: 
ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageWe had a a friend take the pictures. I did very basic editing and used CoffeeShop Blogs free action simply vintage. Read more about what Coffee Shop Blog offers in my older blog post. 

Thanks for Reading!
Lopez Creations! 

PS. In other news we found out we will be heading to Florida for our next location! We are ecstatic and can’t wait! Italy has been an adventure for sure but we are ready to go home! 

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Pretzels and Hugs

::Lopez Creations ::

Pretzels and HUGS  ::Lopez Creations ::


First off Merry Christmas Eve! We made this a couple days ago and the kids had so much fun helping! This is a quick and easy snack/treat that the kiddos can help with! Use different colors and these can be made year round or for any special occasion.


  • Pretzels

  • hugs/kisses/rolos

  • m&m’s

  • a helper or two 🙂


STEP ONE: Preheat oven to about 325 F

STEP TWO: Lay pretzels on cookie sheet (single layer)



STEP THREE: Have your helpers unwrap LOTS of Hugs.

DSC_0834 DSC_0838


STEP FOUR: Have your helps place one hug on each pretzel. Preferably in the middle.



DSC_0844 DSC_0849

STEP FIVE: Place tray in the oven. NOT until fully melted. Only until the HUGS are Softened.

STEP SIX : Place a M&M on the hugs and gently press down. (Depending on the age of your helpers it may be best to do this yourself)

STEP SEVEN: Place tray in fridge until chocolate is firm & ENJOY!




Thanks for reading and Have a MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY HOLIDAYS!



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Shout Out to Coffee Shop Blog


Coffee Shop Blog has lots and lots of free downloads for PS and PSE. Textures and Actions. I have finally went through and downloading most of them!! Took a while but it is worth it! If you don’t have the time to download one by one for a small cost the blog offers packages to download all the popular items  right away!
I just wanted to share some of my recent edits thanks to Coffee Shop Blog!

This picture below is using one of my favorite free actions called Attic Vintage! Using the texture Foamy chocolate milk found in the “Baking with Mom Ethereal Textures” set also found as a free download from Coffee Shop Blog.
DSC_1044 before after


These next pictures were taken when my youngest was about 5 months old “I believe.” This was before I owned my DSLR camera, we actually had to borrow a friends point and shoot camera. My husband was behind the camera and we could not figure out how to take the date off!! We we were reviewing the images I was so upset that the time stamp was on my pictures! But finally 3 years later and some what experienced with PSE 10, I was able to do some minor edits to these pictures.

1. The first picture is using the SOOC image then I used: eye bright and the portrait perfect actions both found from Coffee Shop Blog. 

perfect portrait and daydream 2

2. This image below I again started with eye bright and finished with Rosy vintage.

rosey vintage 1

3. The image below started with Eye bright and finished with Velvet Truffle action. velvet truffle


4.  Started with eye bright and finished with Rosy Vintage.

rosy vintage

5. Eye bright and finished with Portrait Perfect. perfect portrait

6. This last one was edited with eye bright and Peachy glow. peachy glow


The Before and After template was also downloading free from Coffee Shop Blog. 


I absolutely love this blog, it has made my life and i’m sure MANY other photographers life much much easier! If you have the time be sure to check it out! All the links provided above will send you to Coffee Shop Blogs home page. I feel if you do the exploring yourself you’ll find more use of the blog!


Thanks For Reading!
-Lopez Creations!



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Apple Sauce and Cinnamon Christmas Ornaments




Making these simple ornaments have become a Christmas tradition for us! This is our 3rd year making them so I am putting together this mini tutorial for you! 

WARNING: THESE ARE NOT TO BE CONSUMED! They may smell amazing but do not be tempted! 


  • Apple Sauce 
  • Cinnamon
  • rolling pin
  • Straw or something to make a hole 
  • ribbon to hang on tree
  • bowl to mix

Optional Items:

  • Cookie cutters in your favorite holiday shapes
  • wax paper
  • glitter glue pens
  • acrylic paints 


What you need to do first is mix an entire bottle of cinnamon with some room temperature apple sauce. I have never made actual measurements just add and mix together with your hands until you get a good roll-able ball. I a little on the moist side but not to sticky. ( Seen below…it’s good to have some extra cinnamon on hand in case you add to much apple sauce)  I like to roll out my “dough” on wax paper gives you less of a mess and easy clean up.



At this point if you have cookie cutters, cut out your shapes to what ever thickness you like. Remember this thick the shape the heavier they will be and longer they will take to dry. If you plan to hang them on the tree this is when you need to use a straw to make a hole threw the ornaments. (Once all your shapes are cut put them all on a cookie sheet. You can let them air dry over night if you prefer but I like to put them in an oven on the lowest temperature for about an hour. ( this makes the house smell amazing)  Keep an eye on them in the oven about 30 minutes make sure to carefully flip them over.

ImageAfter the hour they are still a little moist but only a very very little bit. That’s ok. 



This is where I let me daughters go to town decorating them. We used glitter glue pens this year. 



This was our results! I was able to paint 2 of them! 




The following pictures are from previous years. These are the ones that have survived the years! Still have a slight scent! The first two were decorated with glitter glue pens and the last 2 were colored with acylic paints. 




As always thanks for reading! If you have any questions feel free to ask, I will do my best to answer them asap! 

Lopez Creations